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Genus Clavaria


The genus Clavaria is the largest genus in the family Clavariaceae. Many of the species are edible, and so easily recognised that the beginner may venture without hesitation to eat any of the branching forms. The club-like forms might be mistaken for certain club-shaped forms of the sac-fungi unless an examination of the spores were made.

The Clavarias would have the spores on little spicules, as in the garden mushroom, whereas the forms for which they might be mistaken would have them in membranous sacs.

In collecting species of Clavaria, notes should be taken as to the character of the apices of the branches, the colour of the branches, the colour of the spores, the taste, and the place of growth.

Clavaria Aurea
Clavaria Botrytes
Clavaria Cristata
Clavaria Fellea
Clavaria Flava
Clavaria Formosa
Clavaria Pistillaris