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Genus Stereocaulon

Genus StereocaulonGenus STEREOCAULON, Schreb.

The vegetative organ or thallus is two-fold, consisting or a scale-like (squamulose) or granulose, horizontal growth which usually disappears, and a vertical growth which becomes shrublike, with fruit-bearing branches (podetia). The podetia are solid and clothed more or less with a white powder (soredia) and with granules (phyllocladia) which become scale-like or pass into coral-like branchlets.

The fruiting organs (apothecia) are at first little disks soon becoming convex; solid, terminal, or lateral; dark-brown, or black.

The generic name Stereocaulon is compounded of the Greek; solid and a stalk.

When dry these lichens are very brittle, but when moist they may be handled freely.

Stereocaulon Paschale Lichen