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Boletinus Pictus

Boletinus Pictus

Painted Boletinus

Cap or Pileus - Convex or nearly plane; at first covered with red matted fibres, which soon divide into small scales, so as to reveal the yellow colour of the cap beneath. 2-4 inches wide.

Tubes - Pale yellow, or pale yellow tinged with brown. Not easily separated from the CV.

Veil - Webby, concealing the tubes of the young plant.

Stem or Stipe - Solid, with scales and colour similar to those of the cap. 1 1/2-3 inches long.

Ring or Annulus - Webby; evident in some specimens.

Spores - Pale yellow tinged with brown.

Flesh - Yellowish, often assuming reddish tints when bruised.

Habitat - Woods and mossy swamps.