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Lactarius Piperatus

Lactarius piperatus

Peppery Lactarius

Cap or Pileus - Creamy white, fleshy, firm, depressed in the centre. Dry, never viscid, and uncommonly broad. 3-12 inches in diameter.

Gills or Lamellae - Creamy white, narrow, crowded, unequal, forked, decurrent. Exuding a milky juice when bruised. Milk white.

Stem or Stipe - Creamy white, short, thick, solid, rounded at and slightly tapering toward the base.

Veil and Annulus - None.

Spores - White.

Flesh - Slightly paler than the surface of the cap. Taste very peppery. Odour quite aromatic.

Time - Summer.

Habitat - Specimen pictured was found in mixed woods, among dried leaves and sticks, in New Jersey.