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Pholiota Adiposa

Pholiota adiposa

Fat Pholiota

Cap or Pileus - Showy, deep yellow, with little scales of reddish brown. Fleshy, firm. At first hemispherical, then convex. Sticky when moist, shiny when dry. 2-4 inches broad.

Stem or Stipe - Stem yellow, generally rusty at the base. Equal in diameter, or slightly thickened at the base. Stuffed or solid. Tough.

Gills or Lamellae - Yellowish, becoming rusty; close, and attached to the stem.

Ring or Annulus - Slightly radiating, woolly.

Spores - Rusty brown.

Time - September to November.

Habitat - In tufts, on stumps or dead trunks of trees.

Pholiota limonella, lemon-yellow pholiota, has a smaller, thinner, and more expanded cap, of a lighter yellow, with white gills.