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Tricholoma Personatum

Tricholoma personatum (var. bulbosum)

Masked Tricholoma

Cap or Pileus - Variable in colour; pale lilac, with yellowish tint; brighter in young specimens; sometimes whitish or pale greyish. Thick, fleshy, convex when young, with margin rolled in, and slight bloom or mealiness on the surface. When mature, smooth; margin wavy or turned upward.

Gills or Lamellae - Faint lilac colour, with tint of violet. Narrow, unequal, free, close, and rounded at the stem end.

Stem - Faint lilac tint. Surface rather fibrous; short, stout, solid, bulbous.

Spores - Sordid white, elliptical.

Flesh - Firm.

Habitat - Thin woods, open grassy places.

Time - September to freezing weather.