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Amanitopsis Parcivolvata

Amanitopsis parcivolvata

Cap or Pileus - Convex, then expanded ; smooth, free from warts. Colour brilliant orange red over the whole cap; not yellow on the margin, not fading with age. Uniform in colour in young and old specimens. Margin with striations deep and long.

Gills or Lamellae - Lemon yellow, free from stem, and rounded at the outer extremity.

Skin - Slightly tapering toward the cap; hollow. Clear lemon yellow, covered with meal-like particles.

Veil - None in old or young specimens.

Volva - Present; not large and loose. White; clinging closely to the stem in the form of scales.

Spores - White.

Flesh - Unpleasant raw odour. White, stained with orange red immediately under the skin.

Habitat - Mixed woods. New Jersey, North Carolina.

Time - July.

The caps of the specimens found in North Carolina varied in colour from almost white to white with a red centre, and from orange or shades of orange to brilliant red.