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Amanitopsis Vaginata

Amanitopsis VaginataAnanitopsis vaginata

The Sheathed Amanitopsis

Cap or Pileus - Variable in colour, ranging from white to reddish brown. Thin, fragile, smooth; or, when young, with a few fragments of the wrapper adhering to its surface. Margin distinctly and deeply striated. 2-4 inches broad.

Stein or Stipe - Hollow or stuffed; smooth, or sprinkled with minute mealy particles or woolly scales. Not bulbous at the base. 3-5 inches long.

Spores - White.

Ring or Annulus - None.

Wrapper or Volva - Soft, flabby, white, adhering slightly to the base.

Gills or Lamellae - Free from the stem. White or whitish, close, irregular.

Flesh - White, or sometimes stained under the easily separating skin.

Time - June to October.

Habitat - In woods or open places, in damp vegetable mould, widely distributed. Specimen pictured was found growing in mountains of New Jersey.

A. vaginata, var. alba, has the whole plant white.
A. vaginata, var. fulva, has the cap tawny yellow.
A. vaginata, var. livida, has the cap leaden brown, and gills and stem tinged with smoky brown.

Amanitopsis Vaginata picture