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Calvatia Craniformis

Calvatia craniformis

Brain-shaped Calvatia

Peridium or Pouch - Very large, obovoid or top--shaped, depressed above.

Bark or Outer Coat - Smooth, very thin and fragile, easily peeling off. Pallid or greyish, often with a reddish tinge; often wrinkling to resemble somewhat the surface of the brain, whence its name craniformis.

Inner Coat - Thin, ochreous to bright brown, velvety, extremely fragile. The upper part breaks into fragments.

Subgleba - Occupies half the peridium; cup-shaped above, persistent.

Spores - Greenish yellow, then olivaceous. Globose, even, with minute pedicel.

Threads - Long.

Habitat - On ground in woods.