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Calvatia Cyathiformis

Calvatia cyathiformis

Cup-shaped Puffball

Peridium - Large, top-shaped.

Bark or Outer Coat - Thin, adherent, smooth, and continuous, easily peeling off.

Inner Coat - Pale to dark purple, loosely woven, fragile at maturnity, breaking up into fragments from above downward.

Subgleba - Short and thick, with cord-like root, persistent, cup-shaped, occupying 1/3-1/2 the peridium.

Spores and Threads - Violet to dark purple. Spores globose and warted, threads long.

Time - August to October.

Habitat - On the ground in meadows and pastures.

The old name was Lycoperdon cyathiforme. Cyathiforme, meaning cup-shaped, is suggested by the cup-like which base which remains after the dispersion of the spores and threads (capillitium).