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Hydnum Coralloides

Hydnum coralloides

Coral Hydnum

Plant - Pure white, becoming creamy with age.

Branches and Teeth - Numerous, spreading, angular or flattened. Terminal branches often curved upwards, terminating in a crowded mass of spines. Teeth, 1/6-1/3 of an inch long.

Stem - Short, dividing into branches almost from the base.

Flesh - Tender, white, with agreeable taste.

Time - July to October.

Habitat - On prostrate trees in mountainous or hilly country.

When a mere child Elias Fries was so attracted by this beautiful coral-like fungus, which grew in his native forests in Sweden, that he was led to take up the study of fungi, and later became one of the most prominent students in that branch of botany, and laid the foundation for the study of the Basidiomycetes.