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Hydnum Repandum

Hydnum repandum

Spreading Hydnum

Cap or Pileus - Fleshy, fragile, moist, smooth or somewhat scaly in mature specimens. Variable in colour; light red, pale buff, or rusty yellow. Convex, plane, or deeply concave by the stern becoming hollow. Margins often wavy. 1-4 inches broad.

Teeth or Aculei - Pointed, whitish, easily detached, leaving little cavities in the fleshy cap.

Stem or Stipe - Stem solid in young specimens, hollow in older specimens. Surface rather rough; often eccentric. 1-3 inches long.

Flesh - Watery, lighter colour than cap.

Spores - Whitish. Whitish.

Time - July to October.

Habitat - Woods and open places. Singly or in clusters. The specimen pictured was found in North Carolina in February.

Hydnum rufescens is redder than the typical form is smaller and more regular.