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Hygrophorus Cantharellus

Hygrophorus cantharellus

Chantarelle hygrophorus

Cap or Pileus - Thin, convex at first, but later depressed. Covered with minute scales. Moist, bright red, becoming orange or yellow. 1/2-1 inch broad.

Gills or Lamellae - Distant, somewhat arched, growing downward on the stern (decurrent). Yellow, sometimes tinged with vermilion. Unequal.

Stem or Stipe - Smooth, not truly solid, sometimes hollow. Coloured like the cap, whitish within. 2-4 inches long.

Ring or Annulus - None.

Spores - White.

Flesh - Disagreeable in flavour.

Habitat - Swamps and damp, shaded places; in fields or woods. Common. The specimen photographed was found in dense mixed woods, Lake Placid.

Var. H. rosea has the cap expanded and the margin wavy.
Var. H. flava has the cap and stem pale yellow, the gills
arched and strongly decurrent.
Var. H. flavipes has the cap and stem red or reddish.
Var. H. flaviceps has the cap yellow and the stem reddish.