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Hygrophorus Miniatus

Hygrophorus miniatus

Vermilion Hygrophorus

Cap or Pileus - Thin, fragile at first, convex, becoming nearly flat. Smooth or minutely scaly. Often depressed. Red, fading to yellow or orange. 1-2 inches broad.

Gills or Lamellae - Distant. Usually yellow, sometimes tinged with red. Notched at the stem end, or growing down the stem, or fastened to the stem by the entire width of the inner extremity of the gill.

Stem or Stipe - Slender, smooth. Coloured like the cap. Solid when young, hollow when old. 1-2 inches long.

Ring or Annulus - None.

Spores - White, elliptical.

Flesh - Tender, and of agreeable flavour.

Time - June to September.

Habitat - Adapts itself to varying conditions. Singly, in groups, or in clusters, in bogs or on dry hillocks. The specimen photographed was found in woods, among fallen leaves and decayed wood, Lake Placid.