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Lycoperdon Pyriforme

Lycoperdon pyriforme

Pear-shaped Puffball

Peridium or Pouch - Pear-shaped. Dingy white or brownish, with mycelium of long, white, branching fibres. Diameter 3/4-1 1/4 inches. Height 1-2 inches.

Bark or Outer Coat - Thin; of minute, often persistent, scales or granules, or short, stout spinules. Whitish grey or brownish.

Inner Coat - Smooth, papery, whitish grey or brownish, opening by apical mouth.

Subgleba - Small, white, quite compact, the cells minute.

Columella - Present.

Spores - Globose, even, greenish yellow to brownish olive.

Threads - Branched, long, forming a dense tuft in the centre.

Time - July to October.

Habitat - On old timber or on the ground, in groups sometimes several feet across in extent. The commonest of puffballs, and found throughout the world.