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Lycoperdon Subincarnatum

Lycoperdon subincarnatum

Pinkish Puffball

Peridium or Pouch - Globe-shaped, sessile, without a stem-like base. Rarely over one inch in diameter.

Bark or Outer Coat - Pinkish brown, with minute short, stout spinules, which fall away at maturity.

Inner Coat - Ash coloured. Deeply pitted by the falling off of the spinules of the outer coat, the pits not surrounded with dotted lines.

Columella - Present.

Subgleba - Small but distinct.

Spores and Capillitium - Spores round, minutely warted. Greenish yellow, then brownish olive. Threads long, simple, and transparent.

Time - August to October.

Habitat - Old trunks in woods.