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Agaricus Abruptus

Agaricus Abruptus

Cap or Pileus - Creamy white, dry, and silky. Irregular in shape when young. Yellow when bruised.

Gills or Lamellae - Slightly pinkish when the veil first breaks; deeper pink in mature specimens, becoming brownish. Soft, free from the stem, crowded, unequal.

Stem or Stipe - Creamy white, deeper cream, or brownish near the base. Hollow, stiff, brittle, sometimes splitting lengthwise. Abruptly bulbous at the base, tapering toward cap. 3 inches long.

Spores - Brown.

Veil and Annulus - Frail, part adhering to the margin of the cap, part forming a ring on the stem.

Flesh - White, solid. Decided taste of pistachio-nut.

Time - September.

Habitat - The specimen photographed grew by the trail along Lake Placid.