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Agaricus Campestris

Common Mushroom (Edible)
Agaricus campestris

Cap or Pileus - Silky, or with fine fibres. The young plants -"buttons" - are hemispherical or almost globose. The mature plants are convex or nearly flat. White, or tinged with dingy browns. Skin separable. Margin extending beyond the gills.

Gills or Lamellae - Delicate pink, then dark brown, covered by a veil in young plants. Crowded, rounded at the inner extremity. Not attached to stem.

Stem or Stipe - White, smooth; stuffed; that is, softer within than without. Shorter than the diameter of the cap.

Ring or Annulus - Delicate, often disappearing with age.

Flesh - White. Much esteemed.

Spores - Brownish, elliptical.

Time - Late summer and autumn.

Habitat - In pastures, lawns, and open places.

Agaricus campestris is the mushroom ordinarily seen in the markets, either fresh from the growers or preserved in cans.