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Agaricus Rodmani

Agaricus Rodmani

Rodman's Mushroom

Cap or Pileus - Creamy, with brownish spots. Firm, surface dry. Mature specimens frequently have the surface or the cap broken into large, brownish scales. 3 3/4 inches broad.

Gills or Lamellae - Whitish, then pink, becoming dark brown. Narrow, close, unequal.

Stem or Stipe - Fleshy, solid, short, thick. 2 inches long.

Ring or Annulus - Double.

Spores - Brown.

Flesh - Firm, white, assuming a pinkish or salmon tint. When cut, agreeable nutty flavour.

Time - May to July.

Habitat - Grassy grounds, crevices of unused pavements. The specimen photographed was found growing in a cluster between broken stone in the gutter of a village street in New Jersey.