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Beaked Rush

Beaked RushBEAKED-RUSH. (Rhynchospora)

Sated with the brilliancy of Fire-weed and flaming lilies one turns to search for less commonly known plants, and then one may notice in low grounds and near the borders of swampy thickets, slender stems of the Beaked-rushes bearing flower clusters of white, green, or rich brown crowned with white stigmas and pale anthers.

A perianth is usually present in the form of rough bristles, and aside from the more noticeable characteristics of growth the plants of this genus may be recognized by the beaked seeds to which the common name refers.

Beaked-rushes are common during midsummer, and ever though they may be grass "to the general" there is something in the appearance of the small flower clusters that excites curiosity and urges that botany and microscope be brought into use.

Clustered Beaked Rush
White Beaked Rush