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Creeping Eragrostis Grass

Creeping Eragrostis GrassCreeping Eragrostis (Eragrostis hypnoides), found on the sandy banks of streams, spreads extensively over the surface of the ground, and in this habit is unlike our other common species of Eragrostis.

The short, dark panicles are somewhat like those of the Strong-scented but are smaller and less densely flowered, and a careful examination shows that the staminate and pistillate flowers are borne on separate plants.

The plants of this genus are widely distributed over the warmer regions of the world, and although these grasses are of less value than many, a large species, found in the Eastern Hemisphere, furnishes an edible grain.

The English gave the name of "Love-grass" to certain of the genus, and it has been suggested that the generic name of these beautiful grasses may have been derived from eros, love, and agrostis, grass.