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Green Foxtail Grass

Green Foxtail GrassThe Green Foxtail Grass is a stout grass, usually occurring as weed in cultivated lands and by waysides, and blooming in heavy cylindrical spikes of seed-like flowers.

Both the Green Foxtail (Setaria viridis) and the Yellow Foxtail are very common near gardens, and the smooth stems, red-tinged at the base, and bearing flattened sheaths and many leaves, are so characteristic of the genus that the grasses are easily recognized, even before the blossoming spikes appear.

In bloom the two species are distinguished from one another by the colour of the clustered bristles which clothe the spikes, as the bristles of Yellow Foxtail are yellow, or even yellowish brown, while the bristles of Green Foxtail are green, as the name implies.

Green Foxtail picture