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Slender Aristida Grass

Slender Aristida GrassSlender Aristida. Aristida gracilis Ell.


Stem 6'-24' tall, slender, erect, often branched. Ligule very short. Leaves bristle-like, 1'-4' long, hardly 1" wide.

Spike-like Panicle 3'-7' long, slender, not densely flowered. Spikelets 1-flowered, narrow, about 3" long. Scales 3, narrow, outer scales nearly equal, awn-pointed; flowering scale bearing 3 awns, middle awn horizontal, 3"-9" long, lateral awns erect, 1"-4" long. Stamens 3.

Dry and sandy soil. August and September.

Massachusetts to Nebraska, south to Florida and Texas.