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CypressesConiferous trees having pyramidal habit. Very popular for ornamental planting. Some species have considerable lumber value. All have light, graceful leaf spray and small, globular, woody cones. Wood usually soft.

Genus CUPRESSUS, Linn.

Resinous trees with naked buds, stout, ascending branches, which become horizontal. Leaves minute, scale-like, 4-ranked. Flowers minute, monoecious, yellowish. Fruit biennial, globular, woody cones.


Trees of tall, narrow pyramidal habit, with short, spreading side branches, and flat branchlets spray. Wood pale, fragrant, durable. Leaves scale-like, sharp, opposite in pairs. Flowers monoecious, minute, globular, lateral. Fruit annual, erect, globular cones of few woody scales; seeds 1 to 5 under each fertile scale.

Arizona Cypress Tree
Bald Cypress Tree
Classic Cypress Tree
Lawson Cypress Tree
Macnab Cypress Tree
Monterey Cypress Tree
Sitka Cypress Tree
White Cedar Tree