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Broad Leaved Linden Tree

Broad Leaved Linden TreeThe Broad-leaved Linden (Tilia platyphyllos), very common in European parks and avenues, soon loses its foliage in dry weather and is less desirable than other species for America. It is clipped to form hedges in Europe; the alleys of the Tuilleries gardens were made of it.

Because lindens submit patiently to pruning, they have long been clipped into grotesque figures, along with yew and box. They had a tremendous vogue while the formal garden was approaching its most elaborate development.

A more lasting popularity was vouchsafed them as avenue and park trees, a popularity which dates from remote times and is still unchecked. "The Linden spreadeth forth his branches wide and farre abroad, being a tree which yieldeth a most pleasant shadow, under and within whose boughs may be made brave summer houses and banquetting arbours."