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Perennial Rye Grass seed

Perennial Rye Grass seed


Most of the seed is grown in Scotland and England. When a crop is wanted, the best land should be used, for the seed is cheap and good returns must be secured to make the business a profitable one. A field can be harvested for seed only once. A crop of hay is secured early in the season and the second crop is set apart for seed production. Cutting too early gives a light seed which is worth little, as the price depends upon the weight. On the other hand, if cutting is started too late, loss will result from shelling. The right time is about a month after flowering, when the seeds begin to be leathery.

Quality of seed:

The colour is light brown, rather similar to that of Meadow Fescue. It is, however, not as dull as the seed of the latter and has a silvery lustre. The seeds are blunter and flatter and always destitute of awns.

The weight varies, the best seed ranging from twenty-five to thirty-five pounds a bushel, poor seed sometimes not exceeding fifteen pounds.