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Red Fescue Grass

Red Fescue GrassFestuca rubra L.

Red Fescue is locally common by waysides and is found in the shade as well as in the sunlight.

Like the two preceding species it has a profusion of involute basal leaves, but unlike them it springs from extensively creeping rootstocks and so is one of the useful soil-binders on drier slopes.

This species is variable and is perhaps most easily recognized by the tufts of bristle-like, dark leaves which surround the base of the stems.

Red Fescue. Festuca rubra L.

Perennial, with creeping rootstocks.

Stem 1-2 1/2 ft. tall, slender, erect. Ligule very short. Leaves of sterile shoots involute, bristle-like, 3'-10' long, stem leaves shorter, involute in drying, minutely downy on upper surface.

Panicle 2'-6' long, branches ascending, spreading in flower, not numerous, lower branches 1'-3' long. Spikelets 3-9-flowercd, 3"-5" long, green or reddish. Outer scales acute, unequal; flowering scales bearing each a short terminal awn; palets as long as flowering scales. Stamens 3, anthers yellow or purplish.

Dry soil. June to August.

Labrador to Alaska, south to North Carolina Colorado.

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