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Hispid Panic Grass

Hispid Panic GrassHispid Panic-grass. Panicum clandestinum L.


Stem 2-4 ft. tall, erect or ascending, branched. Sheaths usually longer than internodes, bristly with short, stiff hairs. Ligule very short. Leaves 2'-9' long, 6"-12" wide, rough-margined, hairy on margins at base.

Panicle 3'-6' long, pyramidal, open, panicles on branches usually included in upper sheaths. Spikelets 1-flowered, oblong, about 1" long. Scales 4; 1st scale about 1/3 as long as spikelet; flowering scale shining, enclosing a palet of similar texture. Stamens 3. Stigmas purple.

Damp soil, thickets and river banks. June to September.

Quebec to Michigan, south to Georgia and Texas.