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Scribners Panic Grass

Scribners Panic GrassScribner's Panic-grass. Panicum Scribnerianum Nash.


Stem 6'-24' tall, erect, branched, often reddish. Sheaths usually bristly. Ligule of short hairs. Leaves 2'-4' long, 3"-6" wide, flat, rounded at base, rough-margined, usually hairy on margins below.

Panicle 1'-3' long, pyramidal, few flowered. Spikelets 1-flowered, roundish, about 1'1/2" long. Scales 4; 1st scale small; flowering scale shining, enclosing a palet of similar texture. Stamens 3, anthers purple. Stigmas purple.

Dry or moist soil, waysides, fields, and near borders of ponds. June to September.

Maine to Ontario and Wyoming, south to Tennessee, Texas, and Arizona.

Characteristic of this species, and of several other Panic-grasses, are dense rosettes of short, broad, basal leaves, formed in autumn and noticeable during winter and spring.