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Genus Anomodon

Genus AnomodonGenus ANOMODON, Hook & Tayl.

The species of the Genus Anomodon are found on the roots of trees in woods, on rocks and on decayed logs.

The primary stems are prostrate, with horizontal shoots from the base and erect secondary stems irregularly branched. The stem-leaves are distant and minute, while the leaves of the branchlets are crowded, spreading, or turned to one side, and have minute cells, usually with tiny protuberances on both faces.

The spore-cases are erect, cylindrical, regular, chestnutcoloured with conical beaked lids, and are borne on more or less elongated pedicels. Annulus narrow or wanting.

The peristome is pale, with narrowly lance-shaped teeth, and the segments of the inner membrane short, narrow and more or less irregular from a narrow base. The character of the teeth was not very well understood at first and so the genus was named Anomodon, from the Greek for; irregular, and; tooth, from the supposed unusual construction.

There are forty-nine species known in all, eleven being found in North America.

Anomodon Apiculatus Moss
Anomodon Attenuatus Moss
Anomodon Rostratus Moss