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Genus Neckera

Genus NeckeraGenus NECKERA, Hedw.

The species of the Genus Neckera grow in extensive mats on tree-trunks or rocks. The primary stems are creeping, and the secondary are once or twice feather-branched, erector pendent, often whip-like, and covered at the base with red-brown filaments.

The leaves are glossy, translucent, often flat and generally wavy. The cells are minute rhomboidal, oblong in the upper part, linear in the middle and on the borders.

The spore-cases are immersed or exserted, with a short or somewhat elongated pedicel. They are erect and symmetrical with conical beaked lids.

The peristome is double, without an annulus, the outer teeth being long, linear, lance-shaped, and closely cross-barred. The inner membrane consisting of a basal portion with 16, often short, processes without intermediate cilia.

The genus was named by J. G. Hedwig in honour of J. N. Necker, a distinguished botanist.

158 species are known at present, 8 being found in North America.

Feathered Neckera Moss