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Genus Bruchia

Genus BruchiaThe species of the Genus Bruchia are minute, with simple or two-forked stems. They are found growing in loose clusters on the ground.

The stem-leaves are small and distant, those toward the apex being longer and crowded to form a rosette. The vein of all leaves is distinct to the apex.

The spore-cases are emergent, oval and beaked, with a base which tapers into a long solid neck (collum): They open irregularly for the emission of the spores as they have no lid.

There are eighteen species in all, two in Europe and eleven in North America.

The generic name Bruchia was applied by D. Fridericus Schwaegrichen in 1824, in honour of the distinguished bryologist Ph. Bruch, one of the authors of "The Bryologia Europaea."

Bruchia Flexuosa Moss