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Genus Hylocomnium

Genus HylocomniumHYPNUM: Sub-genus HYLOCOMNIUM, Schimp.

The species of the Sub-genus Hylocomnium are large and robust, two or three times irregularly feather-branched. The stems grow from the apex only, or produce lateral branches.

The generic name Hylocomnium is derived from the Greek for; wood, and; a reveller; it was given to these mosses by William Philipp Schimper, to describe their habit of growing on wood.

The leaves spread abruptly from the base, or spread and turn to one side. There are no leaf-like organs (paraphyllia) among the leaves.

The spore-cases are red-brown, swollen eggshaped or nearly globular, abruptly horizontal, inclined when dry on pedicels twisted to the right. The lids are convex, or conic, with no annulus, or a double one. The teeth are as the genus Hypnum.

Twenty-one species are known in all, five in America.

Triangular Wood Reveller Moss