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Genus Harpidium

Genus HarpidiumHYPNUM: Sub-genus HARPIDIUM, Sulliv.

The species of the Sub-genus Harpidium are found usually in marshes. They have stems divided irregularly into long ascending rootless branches sometimes plume-like with short branchlets which are all more or less curved at the apex like a boat-hook.

The leaves are firm and membranous with the apex prolonged into a slender point and turned to one side as a scytheblade; a single vein extends to above the middle or to the apex; the cells are narrow, enlarged and inflated at the basal angles.

The name Harpidium, the Latin for "hook," describes the hooked leaves, the important character of the sub-genus.

The spore-cases are borne on long smooth pedicels, they are oblong-cylindrical, often arched, with short and conical lids. The teeth are as in the genus Hypnum.

There are numerous species.

In the "Kryptogamen Flora," of 1898, K. Gustav von Limpricht, a prominent bryologist, devotes about seven pages to a most intricate classification of the sub-genus Harpidium.

Hooked Boat Hook Moss