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Genus Plagiothecium

Genus PlagiotheciumHYPNUM : Sub-genus PLAGIOTHECIUM, Schimp.

The species of this genus are partly prostrate, irregularly branching plants with rooting stems. They are soft and variable in size.

The leaves are thin, glossy and mostly entire ; a vein is wanting or double ; very short and thin ; the cells are long and narrowly rhomboidalhexagonal; larger at the base. Male and female flowers are usually found on the same plant.

The veil is narrow and falls early. The spore-case is somewhat erect, oblique or almost horizontal, oval-oblong to cylindrical, somewhat arched, short-necked, thin, smooth or rarely wrinkled when dry.

The teeth are whitish.

The name is derived from the Greek for; oblique, and; a little chest, referring to the spore-case.

Plagiothecium Muellerianum Moss