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Genus Gymnostomum

Genus GymnostomumThe species of the Genus Gymnostomum are found in matted tufts on the ground and on limestone walls and rocks.

The plants have slender stems branching twice or many times to form clusters, with terminal erect spore-cases, cylindrical or globose, exserted on erect pedicels.

The leaves are small, generally larger upwards and tufted at the apex of the stem; they are lance-shaped with a solid vein prominent on the back.

The lid is long-beaked and falls to permit the escape of the spores. There are no teeth, a character which suggests the generic name, from the Greek; naked, and; a mouth.

There are fifty-five species in all, eight of them known in North America.

Gymnostomum Calcareum Moss
Gymnostomum Curvirostrum Moss