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Genus Leptobryum

Genus LeptobryumGenus LEPTOBRYUM, Schimp.

The species of the Genus Leptobryum live but one year, the plants are unbranched above, new growths coming only from the base. The generic name from the Greek for; slender, and; a moss, refers to the slender character of the plants.

The leaves are narrow, glossy, and turn in different directions. The apex is like an awl and the cells are narrowly rhomboidal above, looser toward the base and rectangular-six-sided.

The spore-cases are inclined or pendent, long-necked and thin-coated with convex lids tipped with a small point. The teeth are double, the intermediate hair-like segments having crossbars projecting beyond the edge.

There are but few species known at present, on.- of these is found in North America.

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