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Genus Aulacomnium

Genus AulacomniumGenus AULACOMNIUM, Schwaegr.

The species of the Genus Aulacomnium are erect, in dense cushions on marshy ground or in cracks of rocks. Some species will be easily recognised by their leafless branches terminated by round clusters of loose granular bodies (gemmae). Each gemma is an aggregate of cells and resembles the early stage in a developing leaf. They fall to the ground and there develop into new plants.

The leaves are oblong or lance-shaped with tiny projections on the cells.

Oblong nodding spore-cases, conspicuously ribbed when old, are borne on slender pedicels. The ribbing of the cases has suggested the name Aulacomnium, from the Greek for; a furrow, and; moss. There are two rows of teeth, the inner with long cilia.

Nine species are known in all, five of them in North America.

Aulacomnium Androgynum Moss
Aulacomnium Heterostichum Moss
Aulacomnium Palustre Moss