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Genus Bartramia

Genus BartramiaGenus BARTRAMIA, Hedw.

The species of the Genus Bartramia live from year to year, their erect, two-forked stems with soft felted hairs toward the base forming extensive tufts on soil and rock, or occasionally on trees.

The leaves are long and narrow, opaque and yellowish-green; with a round vein which vanishes in the serrated apex or passes beyond to form a rough point.

The spherical spore-cases marked with parallel ridges are erect, or nodding, on long erect pedicels. The lids are small, convex or obtusely pointed.

Teeth are rarely absent or simple, usually double, the outer attached to basilar membrane. There is no annulus.

The genus contains one hundred and three species in all, thirteen of them being known in North America. The name was given by J. G. Hedwig in honour of John Bartram, one of the earliest American botanists.

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