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Genus Euhypnum

Genus EuhypnumHYPNUM : Sub-genus EUHYPNUM

The plants of this group generally have creeping stems which are more or less regularly feather-branched. The leaves are usually scythe-shaped and turned to one side, ovate lanceolate below and narrowly taper-pointed. The vein (costa) is short and double or none. The cells are linear and narrow, 4-sided at the angles; the inner leaves at the base of the pedicel are deeply folded; small leaf-like organs (paraphyllia) on the stem are few.

The spore-cases are cylindrical-oblong on smooth pedicels ; the lids are large, from very acutely pointed to convex-conical. The prefix; proper, indicates that this sub-genus is the most typical among the different groups of Hypnum.

Hypnum Curvifolium Moss
Hypnum Euhypnum Reptile Moss
Hypnum Imponens Moss