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Genus Calliergon

Genus CalliergonHYPNUM, Sub-genus CALLIERGON

The species of the Sub-genus Calliergon are large, erect, or prostrate plants growing in wide mats on the ground, or on rocks; the branches are simple or compound and have but a few rooting filaments.

The sub-generic name is the Greek word for; beautifully made.
The leaves are heart-shaped, oval or oval-oblong, deeply concave, spreading or overlapping, rarely turned to one side; the apex is obtuse, the vein variable, and the cells linear above and four-sided at the basal angles.

The spore-cases are borne on variable pedicels; they are oblong and incurved with convex-conical lids. An annulus is sometimes present, and the teeth are as in the genus Hypnum.

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