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Genus Encalypta

Genus EncalyptaGenus ENCALYPTA, Schreb.

The species of the Genus Encalypta grow on bright-green cushions on rocks or on the ground. The leaves are linear, spatulate or tongue-shaped and are covered with tiny double-pointed projections. "The cells toward the base are thin and transparent, while those toward the apex are small and opaque with leaf-green.

The spore-cases are borne on long solid pedicels; they are regular, erect and ribbed or twisted when dry with conic and long-beaked lids.

The veils are large, cylindrical and bell-shaped, longer than the spore-cases, tapering at the apex and sometimes fringed at the base. This character suggested the generic name, from the Greek for; veiled. The peristome is variable, having no teeth or a single or double row. The spores are large and beset with small projections.

In all there are thirty-nine species, sixteen being found in North America.

Extinguisher Moss With Fringed Veils Moss