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Genus Fontinalis

Genus FontinalisGenus FONTINALIS, L.

The species as the name suggests grow either submerged or floating in streams and ponds.

The plants are branched, often naked at the base. Every third leaf is directly over the first one counted; usually concave or keeled, with a base often auricled and growing slightly down the stem. They have no vein. The cells are linear, those of the basal angles more or less enlarged.

The spore-cases are oval or cylindrical with conical lids and are immersed in the leaves at the base.

The peristome is double, the outer of sixteen lance-shaped teeth, the inner of sixteen slender cilia united into a latticed cone.

There are about forty species in all, over twenty-five being known in the United States.

Fontinalis Antipyretica Moss