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Genus Dicranella

Genus DicranellaThe species of this genus are generally small with slightly branching stems. The leaves are very long and narrow from a broader often clasping base and are never curled, but spread on all sides or turn in one direction. Usually they are smooth with the margins plane and the vein broad.

The spore-cases are erect or inclined, symmetrical or unequal on yellow or red pedicels. They have lids with long awl-like points.

The peristome consists of sixteen large teeth, two-cleft to about the middle, closely cross-barred and marked with fine parallel bars running lengthwise.

There are one hundred and twelve species in all, thirty-two known in North America.

The generic name Dicranella, is the diminutive of Dicranum, from; a fork.

Dicranella Heteromalla Moss