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Genus Splachnum

Genus SplachnumGenus SPLACHNUM, Linn.

The species of the Genus Splachnum are easily recognised by the extraordinary enlargement of the pedicel at the base of the spore-cases. They are perennial and grow in tufts, invariably on the dung of animals. The branches are soft and slender with broadly lance-shaped leaves, the lower distant and open; the upper tufted; all with a vein.

The name is from the Greek used by Dioscorides for some lichen or non-flowering plant.

The spore-cases are small, oval or short-cylindrical with convex mammillate lids, and a central column (columella) capped and generally exserted after the falling of the lid.

The pedicels are long and very much enlarged under the spore-case, the enlarged portion (apophysis) increasing after maturity and becoming pear-shaped, round or umbrella-like and diversely coloured.

There are sixteen linear teeth in pairs (geminate), orange-coloured and formed of two layers, the outer thicker and covered with tiny protuberances. The spores are minute.

Eight species are known in all, five of them in North America.

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