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Genus Climacium

Genus ClimaciumGenus CLIMACIUM, Web. & Mohr

The species of the Genus Climacium are large, resembling miniature evergreen trees. They are common in shady woods, in damp places on decayed logs, on roots of trees and on hummocks in swamps, and will be easily recognised from the photograph.

The primary stem is creeping, and the secondary erect and robust, with stout branches. The stemleaves are scale-like ; the branch-leaves oblong lanceshaped with a thin vein, and the leaves at the base of the pedicel are long and sheathing.

The spore-cases are clustered on long, erect pedicels ; they are cylindrical with a beaked lid and a long calyptra split up one side and embracing the base.

The peristome is double, the outer teeth large and united at the base ; the inner keeled and perforated.

The generic name Climacium is derived from the Greek for; a little ladder, referring to the appearance of the inner teeth.

Six species are known at present, two in North America.

Climacium Americanum Moss
Climacium Dendroides Moss