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Genus Barbula

Genus BarbulaGenus BARBULA, Hedw.

The species of this genus are found in tufts or cushions tinged with rusty-brown, on stone walls, rocks, tree-trunks and the ground.

The leaves usually much curled and twisted when dry are small, and gradually lance-shaped from an oval base, with a round vein vanishing below or rarely extending beyond the apex ; the basal cells are small rectangular and transparent ; the upper are small, round or four-sided, often obscure.

The spore-cases are egg-shaped or cylindrical on long pedicels, and have lids with either long or short beaks. The peristome consists of a very short membrane with sixteen short, straight, imperfect teeth, or of sixteen long teeth each cleft to the base into two long slender forks very much twisted.

The generic name from barba, a beard, refers to the long twisted teeth of some species.

There are in all three hundred and ninety-four species, nineteen being found in North America.

Claw Leaved Barbula Moss
Tufted Barbula Moss